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Storage – Cloud Storage for Laptops (Seafile)

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This guide will be chaning soon as we make some changes and upgrades to our Seafile system. Please check back soon.

We have a cloud storage platform for all members of the IPPP, the platform will work on most Operating Systems and works similar to dropbox.

Users get a default allocation of 15GB (Soon to be 30GB) with a limited availability to expand, by default there is a 30 day file history to self recover from and we back the system up daily in case of a disaster.


Members do not automatically get access to seafile, it must be specifically requested.

Just send us an email requesting a Seafile account.


The latest client should already be available on the IPPP Desktops.

Please visit the Seafile Website for the latest desktop and mobile clients –

Setup Guide (Legacy)

  1. Install the Seafile Client
  2. Set the Seafile server as
  3. Login with the credentials we provided.
  4. Add your directories as a library.

Setup Guide (Coming Soon, Late 2022)

  1. Install the Seafile Client
  2. Upon adding an account, click “Single Sign On” at the bottom left
  3. Set the Seafile server as
  4. A window will pop up asking for your IPPP credentials (and possibly your OTP).
  5. Add your directories as a library.
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