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Desktops, Login, WS, CPU and GPU

We only provide two versions of Mathematica on our systems, named latest and previous.

All Mathematica binaries can be found under the standard location of /usr/local/bin, The text mode binary is called math and the GUI binary is called mathematica

  • For what ever the latest mathematica /usr/local/bin/mathematica
  • For what ever the latest math /usr/local/bin/math

If you require a particular version then you can use this as below.

Mathematica 13 – Latest

  • For mathematica 13 GUI use /usr/local/bin/mathematica13
  • For math 13 use /usr/local/bin/math13

Mathamatica 12 – Previous

  • For mathematica 12 GUI use /usr/local/bin/mathematica11
  • For math 12 use /usr/local/bin/math11

Laptops and Other Devices

All staff and students within the department are able to install Mathematica both on their university device and home device(s). Please use your university email address when registering on Wolfram’s website. You may obtain the software via the following links:

Personal Device (Recommended)

University Owned Device (Non-MDS)

If running your own operating system please use this link and input site activation key 4847-2423 when asked to do so…

University Owned Device (MDS)

If you are on MDS, then you must utilise Mathematica via AppsAnywhere.

Important Notice on Activation

When you receive the download information from Wolfram you will receive an activation key which is a string of letters and numbers.  Though this is enough to activate your copy of Mathematica, you must also register the key to your Wolfram User Portal account.  This enables us to monitor who is using licences.  To do this, take the activation key you used to activate Mathematica and log into your Wolfram User Portal account (  Then select ‘My Products and Services’ followed by ‘Add Product’.  You will be prompted to enter the activation key you used to register Mathematica.  Once you enter it, your licence will be registered.

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