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Software – Maple

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Desktops, Login, WS, CPU and GPU

The text mode binary is called maple and the GUI binary is called xmaple

Maple2020 is currently available at

  • /usr/local/maple/2020/bin/maple
  • /usr/local/maple/2020/bin/xmaple

Laptops and Other Devices

University Owned Device (MDS)

If you are on MDS, then you must utilise Maple via AppsAnywhere.

Laptops and Personal Device

To request a home use licence or to extend/renew an existing licence, please submit a request with CIS at and select “Maple Software Request” and your department is “IPPP, Physics”

If you have any issues or do not have a Durham University CIS account but are part of the IPPP, then please get in touch with us.

Activation issues?

If you’re having issues activating Maple, then it coule be missing 32bit libraries as documented over at maple’s FAQ.

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