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We have several versions of CUDA and a single version of libcudnn on our GPU Systems.

CUDA (Latest)

This will always be the latest supported version on the system.

source /opt/cuda-latest/enable

CUDA 11.6

source /opt/cuda-11.6/enable

CUDA 11.3

source /opt/cuda-11.3/enable

CUDA 11.2

This version is being retired and may not be available on all systems.

source /opt/cuda-11.2/enable


This is a library is required for some packages, it should be compatible with all CUDA 11 versions. By using libcudnn you accept the cuDNN License and NVIDIA Ethical AI.

source /opt/libcudnn-11/enable

If you require any other version of CUDA or LIBCUDNN then please get in touch.

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