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Printing from Desktops, Login, WS, GPU is available to all users.

General Printing

Please be aware that printing from our systems bypasses the Swipe Pull Print system; we highly recommend not printing confidential documents to these printers via our systems.

You have a selection of four printers:

Printer NameLocationFeaturesCIS DU ID
OCReceptionOgden Centre, Reception (OC101)Mono, Colour, A4du-0027
OCLevel1Ogden Centre, Level 1 (OC118)Mono, Colour, A3, A3du-0028
OCLevel2Ogden Centre, Level 2 (OC213)Mono, Colour, A4, A3du-0029
OCLevel3Ogden Centre, Level 3 (OC327)Mono, Colour, A4du-0030

Please do not use other printers that may be listed on your system unless you’re told to do so.

Guest Printing

We currently do not support printing for guests. If you’re a guest and require items urgently printed please visit reception.

Laptop Printing

If you have a Durham University CIS account, you can print from your laptop from within the University using the “Print Hub” –

We highly recommend using the Driver Print option; this will utilise the Swipe Pull Print and is a great way to print confidential documents. You can also retrieve the print from any Swipe Pull Print enabled printer on the campus.

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