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Policy – Account Continuation / Leaving the IPPP

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Account Continuation

Once you leave IPPP your account will close unless you make arrangements to have it continued.  If you are continuing to work actively in research in HEP, then we are happy to allow you to continue to use our facilities for the purposes of collaboration with members of IPPP.  We reserve the right to limit or cancel this privilege if your usage is excessive.  We cannot allow non-physics use of our systems and commercial use is strictly prohibited.

If you are moving away from Physics, we will provide support to let you keep your data and migrate from our systems.  Your account will be closed and cannot be continued.

Arrangements for Data

Unless you make arrangements, any data you have stored will be deleted.  We will archive home directories and mailboxes before deleting them but other data will not be archived.

You should make arrangements to delete or move data from the following places before you have your account closed

IPPP / Fielding

  • Home Directory
  • Batch Storage (/mt/batch)
  • Scratch (Desktops, WS, GPU)
  • Fielding-Data (if applicable)


  • Home Directory
  • SE Storage


  • Gitlab
  • Seafile

You can do most of this from an IPPP desktop.  We recommend using rsync to a removable USB disk or to a laptop.  We can provide support if you contact us.

University Emails

The university fully control the CIS email accounts, to continue with access to them, you need to contact us so we can outline the current procedure.

University provided Devices

Please return any devices you have been provided with to OC216. We can ensure the systems are security wiped too.

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