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The university has a mailing system called majordomo/majorcool available internally at –

Internal – HEP 

All IPPP members based in Durham (i.e. the lists ph-hep-staff, ph-hep-postdocs, ph-hep-students, ph-hep-support (note that this does not include L4 or summer students).  This is the usual way you would contact the entire group.

IPPP Academic staff (Lecturers, Readers and Professors)

IPPP Academic staff on permanent contracts (Lecturers, Readers, Professors and Emeritus)


IPPP PhD Students

IPPP Secretaries and Computing Staff

Internal – IT

Any person who uses IPPP IT facilities (ph-hep+externals) This list is for use by the IT office and includes ex-members who have  retained an IPPP account to continue access to our compute facilities.  It also includes the Condensed Matter staff and students that use our systems.

Not currently in use, but intended for Durham Grid Cluster users


UK Mailing list for the UK High Energy Physics Community, mainly used for newsletter distribution.

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