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Accounts – Fielding User Account

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We operate two independent computer systems from the rest of the university; this means that your Durham CIS details will not work on our Desktops, Login, WS, CPU or GPU systems and that you will need to request accounts with us.

If we are aware of your arrival, we will typically have your accounts are pre-made but this isn’t always the case. If you haven’t already received your account details then please get Suzanne to get in touch with us.

You should receive both an “IPPP Account” and a “Grid Account”.

Details Required/Stored – IPPP Account

  • Forenames
  • Surnames
  • Role/Job title
  • University/Institute email address
  • Telephone Number (if within Durham)
  • Office Number (if within Durham)

Details Required/Stored – Grid Account

  • Forenames
  • Surnames
  • University/Institute email address

We hold all data within the University Data Governance Policies –

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